USB Type C Port to support future android phones



Recently, Google has launched   the USB Type C Chromebook Pixel 2015 and they showed the USB Type C Port as a future port. Chrome book and Apple MacBook are first devices which support this new port.

After the Chrome Book Pixel ,Google is claiming that this USB Type C Port will support future android devices. This port will take Micro-USB Port’s place in the future.

The USB Type  C Connector will  not only provide a high quality data transfer speed but also will provide a reversible plug which will save your time to plug in the correct port.

Adam Rodriguez said in a video which shows the functionality of the USB Type C Port in the new Chrome Book Pixel that, “We can see specialties of the USB Type C Port in Android and Chrome Book in the future.”

Apple’s new MacBook is using similar USB Port which has come with the Chrome Book Pixel. The USB Type C Port will become the common connector soon. Before the end of the year, most android devices will have a USB Type C  Port.

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