Skype Qik to shut down from 24th March


Microsoft has decided to close their video messaging app service “Skype Qik.” “Skype Qik” is a videomessage app works like “Snapchat” by which users can send small and temporary videos messages. This app came in October 2014. The app runs on Android, iOS, and Windows. The main Skype app has those features which also run in Skype Qik.That’s why the app is closing from 24th March.

Microsoft said, “We had launched this video messaging app “Skype Qik”, from which users can share/send messages with their friends. Its several features are already in Skype which is using by more users. So, we are closing “Skype Qik.” The app can use till 24th March.”

Also, The Company has suggested users to retain existing special messages from the app before 24th March. By this app, users can send recorded videos messages up to 42 seconds. Moreover, these messages delete automatically after two weeks in this app.

Now users can send their video messages by “Skype” app. Recently the company has provided the “Free Group Video Calling” service for Android and iOS platforms. This service will also available for Windows soon.

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