OnePlus has offered an exchange and buyback programme for OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X.


The Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has introduced the new offer for those users who want to upgrade OnePlus 2 or OnePlus X. The Exchange and Buyback offer which is started from yesterday. The company had collaborated with “ReGlobe” for the special offer.

If Your old device’s price is RS.5, 000 and above, you will get the insurance service of OnePlus 2 “B2X” free. The company has informed about this offer on their official website. According to this blog, you can get exchange offer on the latest OnePlus Smartphone by giving your old smartphone.

As per this blog, there are available two exchange schemes for OnePlus users as following:

  1.  You have to buy the new smartphone first, and then sell your old device. You can buy the new device by adding the invited code for your choice’s smartphone. Oneplus will decide the pick-up date for your old device. After pick-up, ReGlobe will check the old device. After approving by ReGlobe and activating the OnePlus Invite by you, the Company will give you a free amazon gift coupon. The coupon’s value will be equal as your old device’s price.
  2. You can sell your old device first on ReGlobe and buy the new one. After negotiation of quote price, you will get an invite for your new device along with Amazon Gift Coupon.
[ad id=”6615″] OnePlus is offering free insurance on buying new devices too. You will get the B2X service for OnePlus 2 while the B2X On-Guard Plus add-on will be available on OnePlus X.

You have to register on the official company’s website to becoming part of this offer. You have to share details of your old device on the website. After the completion of registration, you will get a call from the ReGlobe Team. They will send a quote for the old device. If you accept it, then you can sell your old phone in this exchange scheme.

The scheme is valid till only 31st December 2015. Also under this scheme, Cash back on the purchases of new phones can be taken or you will get a Gift Voucher for shopping from Amazon store.

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