Now, Whatsapp will be open for advertisements!



Facebook is going to allow professionals to talk their customers via Whatsapp. So; there will be possibility that users can see advertisements on their Whatsapp in the near future.

Last year, Facebook had purchased Whatsapp for 21.8 billion dollars. After the first six months of 2014, Facebook had collected revenue of 16 million dollars.However, the company had a wrongful loss of 232 billion dollars .So, the company is bringing new options to gain profit to it.

Facebook is bringing the new feature for Whatsapp dubbed as “B to C “(Business to Customer). By this feature, Professionals will connect directly to their customers. Facebook will charge them to connect with their users .The company is thinking about to provide this platform to advertisers in the near future. The company is in talk with such companies.

This feature can use worldwide. But according to Marc Zuckerberg, they are not in a hurry to bring this feature into effect unless Whatsapp has a hundred million users .Right now, the company brings another feature named as Customer to Messenger.

Two companies Everlane and Zulily are using this feature for their business.

During a conference held in Boston  ,Facebook Chief Financial Officer (CFO ) David Weiner said ,”By allowing to  Business to Consumer  Messaging  ,Company would have great potential for the business in the near future .”

However, he stated that this will be a long- term plan .He had not informed that when will this feature start.

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