Now, wear your android tablet on your hand: Cicret Bracelet


“Cicret “ France’s company is launching a new device in the market on June 2015 called “Circret Bracelet“ by which you can see your android tablet on your skin.

“Circet Bracelet“  is a wearable  pico-projector which looks like a wristband  which projects the screen on your hand .Just wear It on your forearm  like a bracelet. An little beam light has built in it ,by which user can see an android homepage on his/her forearm. Users can use this screen like a touchscreen device.

User can do various activities on this screen projector which he/she does on a normal smartphone  such as changing windows  ,reading and sending emails ,Phone calls ,Browsing ,Video
Streaming etc. .

It has eight proximity sensors which record clicks, swipes and other features on the device. In this; there will be a small 3G Card for calling.


Cicret Bracelet’s other features are as following:

Memory Card, Microprocessor, Micro USB Port,
Bluetooth, Battery, Wi-Fi Chip, LED Light etc. It will be available in 10 colors with 16GB and 32GB storage options.

You can use all apps from Google Playstore on this device.

Recently, Company showed a video of the successful experiment of this device .Right now, Circet is seeking fund to bring this device in the market professionally.
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