Now, use Microsoft Office on your Android Phone!



Now, Android users can perform their office works on their smartphone. But how? it is simple ! Just open any Microsoft programme such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on your phone. Yes, Microsoft is providing their popular products on the Android OS.

Due to increasing android users, Microsoft has decided to bring their famous office products on this platform. They will launch their three office products –Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Google OS system soon.  These products will be available on Google play store  soon.

It will be easy to android users to work on the internet by their phone via these office products.

These products will be available on other android devices as well. About this new development, Mr. Kirk Koenigsbauer, Corporate Vice President of this company said, “it will be great relief for all android users by providing them Word, Excel and PowerPoint on their android devices.”

Five weeks ago, android users were asked about giving access of Microsoft Office products on their phone. More than a billion users said yes to this idea.  Due to this encouraging response, Microsoft had taken the test over 1,900 android phones from 83 countries with these office apps.

According to Mr. Koenigsbauer, the company passed this test.

Microsoft will provide “One drive “the cloud base storage app on android phones as well.

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