Now use your Android Messaging app on a desktop, here’s how


Yes. Now you can send/ receive messages from your Android messaging app on your PC too.  Even if you do not have internet, you can do simple text messages to anyone from your smartphone.

Google is making their Android Messaging app better by rolling out web browser support for it. The company has announced this development through the blog post. According to this post, the company is going to release this support from today.

The desktop support for the Android messaging app has been released from today.  Users can use this smartphone messaging app from their computers too. They can not only send messages but also see messages from the receivers on their desktops.

This support for the app has been released from today, which will continue for the entire week. The new updates will gradually be available to the users by the end of next week.

You can easily use this app for your desktop.  You have to open the ‘Messages’ option in the app. Then tap on ‘messages for web.’   On this option, you have to scan a ‘QR’ code, by which, the app will open on your PC.


Google has also announced other features with this app.

Other features of the Android messaging app:


  • Users will get a preview of links in their chats. For instance, if any sender sends a link of the article on your chat, you can see a small preview of that link. You can decide by seeing that link whether you want to read that article or not.
  • Now users do not have to go out of the app to copy passwords.  They can easily copy one-time passwords only with the help of one tap.   Users can copy the password from the message, which they will see in the notification.
  • You can send GIF with your messages on the app.
  • Smart reply suggestion:  if you want to save your time by not sending messages, you can use this feature.   This feature will automatically send messages to receivers. The company is going to offer support for other languages in the future. Right now, the feature supports English only.



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