Now Possible Smartphone Battery Charge within 3 minutes!



One fine day ,I dreamed  that my presentation  will be appreciated  by my boss .But Alas ,My dream was
just a dream ! On the other day ,When I started my smartphone in front  of my colleagues  in the
meeting ,it seemed  like my bad luck had started now . My lucky smartphone discharged badly!  What’s
more, I tried to charge it, but it took 2 hours for charging again .Obliviously .My Boss had disappointed
with me.

I struck my head on the wall (literally, not actually!) .I just had the idea that if my smartphone battery

had charged in minimum hours and if it had a long life .Will it happen in really?

I thought, nope, it’s  impossible!

But I was wrong. I have heard that, Nan yang Technological University’s (NTU) Scientists have innovated

that smartphone battery by which you can charge your phone within 2.8 minutes .Also it has 20 years

life long time. Wow, this is great!  What’s more, it will recharge in 2.5 to 3 minutes.

It’s a Lithium Iron Battery which is developed by Mr. Chen Xiaodong, associate professor from NTU’S

School of Material Science and Engineering.

It is said that, The Normal Lithium Battery lasts about 500 Recharge Cycle .But it ends in within 2 years.

But this new battery is replacing by Negative Pole Lithium Iron Battery. In this battery, they are using

Titanium Dioxide Nanotube. Due to this, Iron and Electronic will transfer from positive pole to negative

pole. That’s why charging will go fast. Mr. .Xiaodong says, this battery is better than previous which

transfers energy twenty times more. Also this battery prolongs about 10, 000 Recharge Cycle. That’s

mean I would have had to take maximum 18 to 20years to complete 10,000 Recharge Cycle with my old  battery.

This is so funny!


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