Now Pin Your Favorite Contact on Your WhatsApp


After providing new features like as change number, live location, WhatsApp is bringing new feature on the app. According to this new feature, now users can keep their favorite chats on top from their list.

Currently, the company is testing this feature on the Android Beta version.  This feature has to roll out yet on other Android devices.

You can pin any person’s or group’s chat on top.  Once you select the ‘Pin’ option, you can see that chat users in top 3 chats in your chat list.

Currently, you can pin only 3 chat users, so you can’t pin more chats than 3 in it.

If you want to pin any person/group from your chat list, just press that contact and pin it at the top bar.  You can get other options along with this new feature like as Delete, Mute, and Archive.

This feature is available on WhatsApp Beta version.  WhatsApp has presented this version for the trial only. It will be launched for other OS users soon.

If you run WhatsApp Beta version on Android 2.17.162 or 2.17.163, you can use this new feature.

After pinning, you will see those 3 users on top in this list.  The other remained chats will display after this pin option.

If you want to pin other contacts, you can unpin your previous chat users.  For that, press on that chat for a while, then you can see the unpin option.  Just tap on it.

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