Now “ Freedom251 ” will available on the Cash-On-Delivery Option.


Right Now “ Freedom251 ” is becoming the rage in the country as a world’s cheapest smartphone ever.
But there are some rumors considering the smartphone. Consumers are amazed by its low price while the smartphone has been accused of fraud by such government representatives. In this case, the company has made a new announcement about the smartphone. According to the source, the smartphone will be delivered to its users via the “Cash-On-Delivery” option.

Recently The company has announced on their Facebook Page that,” In furthering our service to you, we, at Ringing Bells, have decided to offer “Cash on Delivery” terms vs. the previous Offer of via “Payment Gateway” !!

By this, you, our esteemed Customer, will be required to make payment only when the phone is delivered to you.

We are in the process of compiling the emails and issuing these to first 25 Lacs registrations very soon.”So, the payment of the smartphone is also becoming the talk of the town. According to the company, the smartphone will get to 50 lakhs users at the beginning, in which first 25 lakhs users will get the device via online and remained 25 lakhs users can get it via offline. The smartphone will available for those 25 lakhs users who have registered first for it. They can make payment only when the device is delivered to their houses.

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