Now, Android‘s Old version’s smartphones will be outdated!


Android Old version’s smartphones will be outdated

Google has taken a decision that they will not provide security updates on those smartphones which have old android versions. Now; Security updates will be available only for Android Kitkat 4.4. and up Version.

Recently ,Rapid-7 ,the researching organization for smartphone security sent some information to Google  about  a virus that affects  to web view component  and asked them to give security updates related to it.But ,Google refused to do this as they are stopping  those updates for old android versions ‘s  smartphones.
Web View Component is a most important element for mobile browsing. This component was used for those old android versions which are prior to Kitkat .Google said, “Google will not update security softwares for those old versions ever.

However ,we will appreciate if anybody will create a software to stop that virus .Except Smartphone Makers ,Google will not accept any other affiliates request about their web view component’s updates.

Because of this decision taken by Google, Security updates will not be available for those 60% percent old version smartphones which are currently in use. Almost ,9.3 crores users are using  old versions ‘s android smartphones  from which ,46% users are using  Jelly Bean version ,while Kitkat  users are 39.1% percent .Then there are the other users who are using  Gingerbread (7.8% percent ) ,Ice cream Sandwich  (6.7% percent ) and Froyo (0.4 % percent).

So ,now it is possible that virus attackers  will create new viruses for old version’s android  smartphones which are prior to  Kitkat Version.

Google  ‘s Android is an open source operating system that works differently than  Windows/iPhone  system. Windows and iPhone  operating system are respectively controlled by Microsoft and Apple.

Hence ,their security level is more than Android system. Also ,because of stopping security updates for android ‘s old versions prior to Kitkat version ,either  old version users must have either own security updates or they  have to buy new version’s  smartphones.

However, such companies like as Samsung, LG, HTC etc.can help their old users by providing security updates for them .But, Google will not support them.

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