now Android Users to get notified about new apps before their launching



Today ,Android Operating system  is  becoming the most  popular operating system among worldwideusers. More than million people are downloading  various apps on Google Play Store such as Music ,Sports ,Entertainment ,Games ,Reading ,Railway Booking ,Health etc .

Also, Google is always working to bring new changes in these apps .Now; Google is bringing a new feature for app users.

By this new feature ,Users will get notified about new apps before their launching .In this notification ,Users will get information about any new app such as app’s size ,features ,developer and when will it launch etc. .

“Terminator Genesis: Revolution “is the first game who has got notified first via this feature. You can get information about this game by this feature such as screenshots, video, features of the game, developer etc.

To use this service, you can see a different option on the Google Play store .If you want to discard this service, there is the option to close this service any time. This new feature will save users from keeping more than one app in their smartphone.

When  users will get notified about a  new app ,they can remove old apps to put new apps there.So ,user’s  smartphones ‘s speed will get fast by reducing  old
apps. This feature  can start also on Windows ,Blackberry and other operating systems.

According to a website related to android, Google is bringing some changes in their service to give the better service to their users .Users will get benefit from this feature as they have not to wait for their favorite apps.

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