Microsoft users to use android apps on their windows Smartphones



It is good news for Window Mobile Phone Users! Now, they can access android and iOS apps on their Window Mobile phones.Users can access these apps on Windows 10.

Microsoft had launched a set of software development kits (SDKs) on Wednesday. It will help developers to bring their android or iOS apps on Windows 10. While Android developers can bring their apps without retooling them, iOS developers have to bring such modifications in their apps to integrate in the Window System such as switching GMS (Google Mobile Services) APIs with Microsoft’s API.

By these new SDKs, Developers can start with their existing Java or C++ Code base can integrate with the Universal Windows Platform capabilities.

Recently, Microsoft has started “Project Iceland wood “, in which, there was made a software called as “Interpreter “.According to Microsoft, iOS developers can bring their apps by using this software with some modifications on Windows 10. Candy Crush Saga Game had brought on the

Windows Phone using same method. But according to such android experts, android developers have to modify coding for such complicated android apps.

The other details about availability of SDKs have to be revealed yet.


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