Google Translator App will make easy to translate user’s speech to text


Google Translator App

It is easy to translate one language to other language via Google Translator, which requires written words only. But now, the Google Translation App will be available for speech to text as well.

This app will be seen in a new avatar ,in which ,the world’s 90 major spoken languages can be translated into written words as the same time. Even  this app  will recognize users ‘s spoken language from those 90 languages ,thereby ,his/her oral comments will be translated automatically  to the required language.

By this new version of Google translator ,Two users from any language can interact with each other from anywhere from the world without any hassles .At the beginning ,users can feel difficult in conversation
because of  difficulty in grammar and sentence-construction. But by using it often  ,users can talk easily in any languages .In the programme of this app ,any newly used word will be stored ,after that ,app will find suitable ,proper word from the other language for it.

Macduff Hughes, Engineering Director of Google Translator, said, “50 million users are using Google translator app each month .There are 90% users who are using 10 major languages   regularly on the internet.Because of this app,users will use other languages on the internet.

Therefore ,there will become  such noticeable changes in many  sectors like as Education ,Research ,Tourism,  etc. .”

Last Month, Microsoft’s Video Calling Service Skype had provided translation services for spoken English and Spanish Languages.

New Update Available in the Google Play store for Android users

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