Google to launch its Android smartphone within six months!


Google’s Android smartphone will launch at the end of this year. According to the reports of a popular news portal, the company is in talks with mobile operating system companies for this smartphone. Google is planning to end the monopoly of its rival company Apple in the smartphone market. So, the company is going to launch its Android smartphone. The news portal has informed about this strategy on the basis of the discussion held between the company and mobile operating systems companies.

Even the news portal is claiming that The Company will have more control on this smartphone’s making.They will look on its design, software, and production exclusively. However, Mr. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, has denied about this concept. He stated that the company will work with its associated company for Nexus Series.

It is said that the company’s relationship with its associated company called as “Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)” can damage due to company’s Android smartphone. That’s why the company is not commenting officially on it.

The company’s branded Android smartphone is not its first production. The company has already entered into the device making field by launching “Pixel C Tablet.” The company has launched this tablet with “Nexus 6P and “5X” last year.

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