Google to compete with “Apple Pay” with “Android Pay “


Android Pay

Google has introduced “Android Pay “to compete “Apple Pay “. “Google Wallet “will be replaced by this latest mobile payment system. This new payment will get the great response due to the android user base.

However ,many  of android user has a low economic level ,so  Google has to try  hard to increase  users for this payment system. Also ,Samsung has announced their  mobile payment system ,so Google has  to think about it as well.

Google is  bringing a  new face to its  Google Wallet by introducing  “Android Pay  .By Android Pay ,users can send the money direct from their bank account. Also ,they can  buy  anything  direct from malls ,restaurants using this  system . But, it will be the challenge for Google to reach this mobile payment system to its common android users. Though the mobile payment  transaction will grow in next five years ,common android users  will get questioned about this new system.

They will ask that  if they are already using the credit /debit card , then  why this “Android Pay “ ?. Google has to try hard  along with  Apple and Samsung  to give the answer of this question. Also, Android users will be curious about the security of this new transaction system .Nowadays, Android is facing various
viruses, unlike Apple.

For preparation of Android Pay, Google has provided the new tool dubbed as “Near Filed Communication “(NFC) in such devices. Also ,Google has already cleared that there will be required  user’s fingerprints   to use this system  which is already available in iphones.

Google has announced  that  the fingerprints  system  will be introduced in the  Android ‘s latest version. By Android Pay, Google will become the important part in common android users. By this latest mobile payment system, it will be possible to the company to collect the data about user’s buying habits. So, it will be another income source for the company.

Google can provide this analysis to advertisers to win more business.

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