Google to launch “Android Pay” in the market


Android pay

Google is Launching their own mobile payment system “Android Pay “. Sunder Pichai ,Google Executive ,announced this news at Mobile World Congress  2015 in Barcelona .According to Pichai ,the service is not like  App-Base like Google Wallet ,it is a part of the android package provided by the company.

It is an API framework ,which allows other companies to support payment system in Android devices.

Nowadays ,Online payment is becoming a popular trend than cash transactions among the people. Even ,few months ago ,Google ‘s major competitor  company Apple has launched their service “Apple Pay “ for their users.

Moreover ,a few days before  ,Samsung has made available “Samsung Pay “ in their newly introduced smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 .Currently this service has been provided in America and Korea only. So ,there will be a tough competition between these three major companies in the field of Mobile Payment Service.

Pichai clarified that there is no need to use any card for Android Pay users. They can buy anything from any shop by their android smartphones.

Also he stated about the difference in Google Wallet and Google Play that,” “Anybody can build a payment service on top of Android and plug into Android Pay APIs. Google Wallet will be a customer of Android Pay, as would other services”

Pichai claimed that Google ‘s Mobile Payment Service will be better than other mobile payments services which are available in the market .But he has not cleared about its real launching date in the market.

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