Google has removed 13 dangerous apps from the Play Store.


It is an important news to all android users that Google has removed 13 dangerous apps from their Play Store which are dangerous to their devices. Security researchers had found such bugs in those apps that why Google had to take this step immediately.

These dangerous apps can do a factory reset to your phone via the mobile root. Also, they can download unauthorized apps on your phone.

In these apps, there is an app named as “Honeycomb” which has been downloaded 1 million times. Now this app has removed from the Play Store. According to security researchers, these apps are made by malware developers from Brain Test Family.

The removed apps from Google are as following-Drag Box, Cake Blast, Jump Planet, Crazy Block, Crazy Jelly, Piggy Jump, Ninja Hook, Just Fire, Eat Bubble, Cake Tower, Honeycomb, Hit Planet, Tiny Puzzle etc.

By these apps, developers inject malware in android smartphones, by which they can access remotely the data of those smartphones as well as destroy phones via phones’ root settings.

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