Google has introduced Android’s next version as “ Marshmallow ” (Android 6.0)


There have been various speculations about the name of Android’s next version. But Google has put these speculations off by giving the name to this version as “Marshmallow”.  Android’s next version “Marshmallow” has great features such as a minimum use of mobile’s battery, Fingerprint sensor, Permissions etc.

“Marshmallow” means a sugar -based candy which loves everybody. So, Google has planned to make this new version as loveable to all users.

What will be features of this version?

The “Marshmallow” version will have six features as following:

1.App Linking

2. Android Pay

3.  App Permissions

4. App Data Backups

5. Fingerprint Support

6.Power Management.

If apps want to access user’s data, they have to ask that user’s permission via “App Permissions” feature. Even this feature will help users for phone such features like as camera, location, contacts etc. Even Whatsapp has to ask the user about using Microphone during sending the voice message.

In this new version, user’s sign in, and password will save automatically while web browsing. Also, usual websites’ links will save automatically. Android Pay will provide access to the online payment facility.  Fingerprint support can use for screen and Android Pay transactions.

This version will have a less mobile battery consuming facility. In this new operating system, the battery will not consume more for applications.  “Marshmallow” has a great battery life.

Google has introduced Android’s next version as Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This new operating system will be available within two-three months.

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