Facebook has introduced free video calling feature in their messenger app


facebook_messenger call video

Facebook is changing regarding their users demands. Recently ,Facebook has introduced the free  videocalling feature in their mobile messenger app. Currently ,this feature has launched in America ,UK  Nigeria ,Greece ,Belgium ,Oman ,France ,Canada ,Croatia ,Ireland ,Denmark ,Lithuania ,Mexico ,Norway ,Poland ,Portugal  etc. .

This feature will be available in India Soon.

This app supports both operating systems- iOS and Android OS. It will be a great gift for 600 million Facebook messenger app users .To use this feature, users can click on the video icon which has placed at the top right corner of the screen.

By this free video calling feature ,Facebook messenger app  is going to compete with other messenger services  such as Skype ,Google Hangout ,Apple’s  FaceTime  etc. These  messengers have already  their  video calling services for their  computer and mobile users.

Now, Facebook messenger app users can connect with their friends from their friend list in this video calling feature. Even iOS users can chat by this video calling feature to their friends who are using Android Smartphones.

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