Dear Android Phone Users Don’t install these apps on your phones!


The Anti-Virus Software Developer, Avast has announced the new malware. According to Avast, There has an adware in three popular Android Apps –Durak Card Game, IQ Test and Russian History app. These apps are still in Google Play Store and are downloaded by more than one million users.

Google has already suspended these dubious apps from their search engine.According to a developer, they had learned about this adware first on their forum, where a user posted

about these adware infected apps. User informed that there were at least a dozen false apps on Google Play Store which had been considered as a secure place to download apps.

At the beginning ,Avast did not take User’s complaint seriously.But After some time ,they felt  that it is a very serious issue .They feel that if there are a number of wrong apps in Google play like those three apps ,that means they have targeted a huge number of users .Second ,These apps are downloaded by more than a thousand users .And the third and most important issue is this adware leads to such legitimate companies.
How does this malware work?

According to Avast, after installing such false apps on your device, you reboot your android device. After a couple of days, you will know that your device is working abnormally.Something unusual is happening in your device .But unfortunately, you can’t find that which app is doing such a thing.

Each time you unlock your device ,you can see an “Ad Pop “ there ,which gives you the wrong information about your device such as your device is infected ,out of date or full of porn etc. It means ,Your device is infected by this malware now.

So, beware from downloading such apps .But, if your device is infected by some apps accidentally, you can prevent your device by installing this app on it.

This free app helps you to detect those apps and protects your device from such malware.

Also, you can tell about any virus/adware causing your android device on this developer’s official forum:

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