Check Out WhatsApp’ amazing new features here!


WhatsApp has updated with new features and boy, they are amazing! There have already updated features in this messaging app such as Emojis, Third Party App sharing etc. However, WhatsApp has brought out the new version.

This update has not come on the Google Playstore yet. Users have to log-in on the Beta tester for it. Currently, the work has begun on its Beta version which will come on the Playstore soon.

What will you see new in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp amazing new features

  1. In this new version, there have changes in the setting menu layout. Now you can two options- Profile and Status in one place. For these, you will get different setting options in one place.
  2. The Data Usage option also can see in the Settings Option. Even the Data Usage option has upgraded now. Now users can see that which files may be downloaded by using data or Wi-Fi. Also, they can know about solutions for reduction of data consumption.
  3. There are changes in the “Chats and Calls” feature too. This feature is changed as “Chats.” Also, the option of “help” is changed as “about and help.”
  4. Now the profile picture will be seen in the round shape instead of the rectangular shape.
  5. The Payment option has removed from the setting menu.
  6. WhatsApp has brought the new feature on this platform- “Pdf file sharing support.”

In this new update, users will get WhatsApp as free. There have removed errors regarding app’ speed and bugs in this new version.

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