Be Careful! Your One SMS will destroy your personal information


AndroidSmssendCERT-IN (Computer Emergency Response Team of India) has announced that, a new Trojan Virus is infecting android smartphones which is not only snitches personal information, but also sends illegal sms to others from the contact list.

A Premium Service Abuser Family Malware Named as “AndroidSmssend” comes from android apps which are legitimate, it infect android smartphones.

This virus sends SMS to the candid number which will be in your Android Smartphone.What’s more; it sends text messages to premium rate numbers too.

[c5ab_icon c5_helper_title=”” c5_title=”” font_size=”12″ icon=”fa fa-warning” link=”” color=”#dd3333″ ] AndroidSmssend steals following personal information such as:

  • Contacts
  • Location
  • Personal Images
  • Banking information
  • Password

Also it tracks your phone information such as Device type, Device id, IMEI Number etc. .

Besides that, it installs spyware, crashes the whole system, and disables firewall and anti-virus programs.

How to protect your phone from AndroidSmssend:

  • Use a full system scan on your mobile using any mobile-security solution
  • Don’t use unsecured ,unknown Wi-Fi networks
  • Take regular backup of your phone
  • Take precaution while you click any link from Known /unknown websites
  • Regular updates about android software will be another best idea for protection
  • Use Device/External SD Card  encryption
  • And most important is ,Don’t install apps from untrusted application market

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