Blackberry to launch their Android Smartphone soon


Blackberry to launch their Android Smartphone soonThough Blackberry brought some changes in their operating system, they couldn’t become  successful to compete with iPhone.  So they have decided to launch the Android based smartphone to please their customers.

Yes, you heard it right! Blackberry‘s latest smartphone will be the Android Smartphone. They couldn’t  attract their users   by  bringing changes  in their phone’s hardware and software. That’s why ,they have to make this  decision   .It is said that  there will be a   Keyboard   in this new phone which has become  the identity of Blackberry  smartphones.

There was a time when Blackberry was a number one smartphone in the smartphone market .But, now this company has less than 1 % market share. To rise from this disaster, they have tried hard to compete with android and iPhone.

Even they had offered to install android apps on their operating system. They had kept low prices of their smartphones .But they failed to impress their users. So that they have to think about launching their android smartphone in the market.

However, it has not cleared that if they are going to close their 10 series smartphone venture.

Google and Blackberry have refused to respond about it.

It is said that in this new android smartphone ,there will be a sliding keyboard. The company has initially introduced this keyboard in the Barcelona  Mobile World Congress. But they had not given much information about it that time.

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