Beware! Your Android smartphone can hack anytime!


Yes, you heard it right. According to a security research firm called as “FireEye”, millions of Android smartphones and devices can get hacked. In which, tablets and phablets are included too. Hackers can hack text messages and call logs easily now.
According to the firm, this can happen due to insensitive Qualcomm Chipset which has integrated into Android devices. Because there have made some changes in Android OS by Qualcomm for tethering function in these devices. This modification lacked something, that’s why it has become to hack those devices by hackers.

“FireEye” has already found this issue in January after which Qualcomm released fixes in this bug in March. However, there are still more than millions of Android devices which manufactures has not updated them yet to fix this bug. So there is still the possibility of getting hacked these devices. This issue can effect on such Android OS like as Jelly Bean, KitKat, and Lollipop.

Because of this bug in devices, malicious applications can hack them easily. They can do this under access-network- state permission. This permission not only tells about API of the service which has modified by Qualcomm to malicious programs but also makes other hacks easy for hackers. Even the mobile anti-virus or Google play story can’t save this type of hacking.

“FireEye” states that though Android KitKat comes with good security, but this Android OS can get hacked by this bug too. This bug can be more dangerous for other Android OS such Jelly Bean and its previous versions.

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