Beware from this New Android Virus !


Beware from this New Android Virus-Stagefright

Zimperium, who is working in the Information Security field, has found a big issue in android. Due to this issue, hackers send photos and videos on users’ android devices and get access to data, apps and camera of those devices.  Even users will not download that photo/video, hackers can access their phone.

The company stated that this is a one big issue among of those issues which have been found in Android. This issue has affected more than 1million smartphones badly.

Though Google has provided their updates to protect from this issue, many smartphone makers have not provided these updates for their smartphones.

How does this virus enter in the android smartphone?

Hackers insert that virus’s code via photo or video in the android smartphone. Even the user has not downloaded that photo /video, that code gets access of user’s phone’s data and other information and sends this data to hackers. Though users have not done anything with that photo/video, that virus will activate in that phone. So, this is a most dangerous virus. This virus has caused to Android 2.2and its upgraded versions.

To protect from this virus, Google will provide their update for the nexus phone from next week.

Also, Motorola will provide their updates for their users.

If you want check your android device, you can install this following app and protect from this virus now.

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