Beware from Judy, which has infected 36.5 million Android smartphones


Users are still surviving from ‘Ransomware’, which infected their Microsoft Windows system recently. Now Android users are facing the same trouble with their Android smartphones.

Check Point Researchers have found the auto- clicking adware called as ‘Judy’, which has infected over 36.5 million smartphones.

According to Check Point Research Firm, this malware has been found in 41 apps in the Google play store.

According to researchers, Judy is an Auto-Clicking Adware, which has developed by a South Korean company called as Kiniwini. This malware has been developed for both Operating systems-iOS and Android.

Between 4.5 million and 18.5 million users have downloaded those apps affected by this malware.

How does Judy work?

Judy generates revenue by collecting fraudulent clicks. If you installed any app infected by Judy, this malware occupies your device’s command server. So, your device starts clicking automatically on wrong ads and links.  Malware developers get paid for each click. Judy malware developers earn money by using this trick.

But you don’t worry; Google has swiftly removed those infected apps from the play store.

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