Beware! Don’t Click on Whatsapp Calling message on your WhatsApp!


Whatsapp Calling virus

If you are getting a message on your WhatsApp to use calling feature, beware from it! It could be a trap for you!

According to a report, To use the free calling feature, there is a message being sent by invitation to WhatsApp users. This is not an official message sent by the company, actually it is a malware which is sent by some hackers.

There is a link  in this message. If you click on  that link ,this link will lead you to a website. This website will ask you to complete a survey. By this survey this site will ask you to download various softwares ,which are contained with malwares .

Currently, WhatsApp has started this free voice calling for selected users only.

Also ,there have been using another trick by some hackers .By this ,Hackers are sending a message by the names of the website such as  to WhatsApp users.

Hackers send  that such message to users such as “Open this message and start  whatsapp calling”. Due to the similarity of the name of website with Whatsapp, Users get trapped easily in this trick. If you click on this website’s link .There will be downloaded several viruses automatically in your phone.

Because of that, Hackers can access your personal information easily.

So Guys, Just wait till WhatsApp provide their calling feature officially for you!