Beware Android Users; these Viruses will increase your mobile bill


Beware Android Users- these Viruses will increase your mobile bill1

If you find your mobile bill more than ever this month, something goes wrong. Even you have chosen the right plan for your mobile‘s data, calls etc., you will find your bill has grown suddenly. Why is it happening with your android mobile? Is it any virus behind this? Yes, you’re right!

There are such malwares which can send you text messages and calls via thousand phone numbers.

Recently, Quick Heal has found 1900 malwares in more than thousand android phones. Here are those viruses which send  messages and calls automatically who help you to grow your mobile bill.

Also, these apps install/uninstall automatically themselves.

  1. There is a virus named as Android Tediss A .At the beginning, This virus sends the textmessage to the Premium Rated Number. This virus is cleverly   designed which sends the message only once a month or sends numerous messages only once. Then it automatically uninstalls itself.
  2. Also, there is another malware dubbed as Android.Smsspy. I which will call to aand then hangs up that call based on the timer.
  3. The other malware Android .Cajino.A   who automatically sends message and calls. It controls and hides all inbound messages. It sends your all-important files and data from  your android phone to the Third Party.
  4. Android.SmForw.BY   forwards your incoming messages to the remote server .Trojan SMS.AndroidOS.Podec will subscribe the premium rate subscription without your knowledge.


How to save from these malwares?
  • Be careful before installing any app on your Android App. Install any app only from official app stores.
  • Install Data Usage Tracker app on your phone, so that you will inform about affected /used data by those viruses.
  • Last but not the least; Install any authorized Anti-virus solution on your phone.

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