15 Stunning Android Oreo features which will make you happy


Each version of Android comes with interesting features.  Android Oreo, too, has come to mind-blowing features for your phone.  Each feature will be useful for your daily Android business. Let’s take a look at them:


    1. Picture-in-Picture- Picture-in-Picture (PIP) lets you watch videos on the small window while doing other activities on the phone.   You can watch videos from supporting video players such as YouTube, Chrome, Google Duo, etc.   Even you can make video calls in this feature. Such tap on the Home button and watch the video on the movable window in the bottom right of the screen.Android-Oreo-Picture-in-Picture
    2. Multi-Window- You can use two apps at once in this feature.Android-Oreo-Multi-Window
    3. Google Camera App- This feature is made for Pixel and Nexus devices. Just double tap on the screen and you will quickly zoom into the frame.  You will see new icons placed next to the shutter button. These icons will help you to switch between camera and video mode easily.
    4. Notifications Dots- the app folder will see little dots. These dots indicate new notifications of apps. If you want to see new notifications regarding emails/messages, just Press and hold that app icon, then new notifications will pop-up.Android-Oreo-Notifications-Dots
    5. Snooze/ Schedule notifications- If you don’t want to see notifications urgently, you can schedule or snooze them for a later time.Android-Oreo-Snooze-Schedule-notifications
    6. Control over Notifications- Developers can set a time for notifications. They can change background colors and patterns of notifications.
    7. Notification channels- It means categories of notifications of the app. You can select that which channel should buzz on your device.  Also, if you wish, you can block any channel.  The feature lets you prevent from notification spam.Android-Oreo-Notification-channels
    8. Google Play Protect- Android Oreo brings a new feature for apps’ protection.  The feature scans every installed app.   You can prevent viruses and threats.  It scans your device continuously.Android-Oreo-Google-Play-Protect

  1. System UI Tuner- In, System UI Tuner, you can make lockscreen shortcuts for Chrome tab and apps.Android-Oreo-System-UI-Tuner
  2. Ringtone selector- Now, you can add your favorite sound file as a ringtone. You can see an ‘add ringtone button’ at the bottom of the list of ringtones.Android-Oreo-Ringtone-selector
  3. Files App- It is a slightly revamped version of build-in file manager. It has replaced the old Downloads shortcut on the device.Android-Oreo-Files-App
  4. Battery settings- Android Oreo brings a new battery settings menu. By this menu, you can make controls over those apps, which use more power.   You can see that how much battery your smartphone used. Also, you can check out that which apps are eating the power more on your smartphone. The new menu lets you check the background activity of individual apps.Android-Oreo-Battery-settings
  5. Autofill- Now, you don’t have to remember passwords of apps while logging on them. Autofill will help you to fill form data automatically. It stores all apps’ form data.Autofill
  6. Smart text selection- The feature will help to find information related to selected text on the phone.  For example, if you tap/ highlight the phone number, Google will show you the shortcut to the phone app. If you select the restaurant’s address, Google will suggest Google map. Just select a text message, Google Assistant will help you.Android-Oreo-Smart-text-selection
  7. NAN- NAN means Neighborhood Aware Networking. By using this feature, you can communicate with other phones without Wi-Fi.  Even you can share high-speed data without using Wi-Fi. Users can share data like as location/ sensor readings in small bits, by establishing a low-power connection.

So, tell us about your favorite Android Oreo feature in the comment section below.



So, tell us about your favorite Android Oreo feature in the comment section below.

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