World’s first Thermal camera smartphone has launched in MWC 2016


In Mobile World Congress (2016), the smartphone called as “Cat s60” has launched which is world’s first smartphone with the FLIR Thermal Camera. Users will know that place’ temperature, from where they will take photos with this camera. This smartphone is a revolutionary smartphone as well as it will helpful for Engineers and emergency services.

The FLIR Thermal camera is the main attraction of the smartphone which has come firstly in the world with the same smartphone. The company has announced about it last week and now they have launched in MWC 2016. What’s more, Cat is the first company who has brought the thermal camera technology in the smartphone.

“Cat s60” has a thermal camera along with the normal camera, which helps to measure the surface temperature and see the live thermal image of any place while taking photos/videos of it. The resolution of the photo taken by the thermal camera will be 640x 480 pixels. This smartphone has developed especially for engineers and emergency services and it will reach easily to critical places.

The smartphone will helpful for firemen.  Firemen can see photos of that affected area taken by the thermal camera and they will learn about its temperature too. By seeing that data, they can remove people safely as soon as from that area.

Currently, the thermal camera has been provided only for this smartphone. But it is said that other smartphone makers companies will manufacture their smartphones with the thermal camera in the future. Also, developers can make apps for the camera. There is no availability about the pricing of the smartphone.

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