WhatsApp will get banned from India!


It will be the saddening news for Indian users of the popular messaging app but it is true!  WhatsApp can get trapped in the country due to its latest encryption service.  Because of this service, WhatsApp’ all digital contents such as messages, calls, videos, photos etc. have been encrypted. Now nobody will read users’ messages. Even WhatsApp will not have users’ data.  According to sources, this service may be illegal according to Indian IT rules. IT ACT does not allow the private sector to a 256-bit encryption.

Though there is not any special rule for it, the messaging app is violating some rules of the Tele Com Ministry of India.  So in this case, the encryption of WhatsApp will be invalid in India. There is a license agreement for the Internet Service Provider in the country which stops this encryption service.After this latest feature in the messaging app, messages can read only by their senders and receivers.

Till now WhatsApp messages could intercept by anyone, be it will be a security agency or a hacker. But now the message will convert into the code so that nobody will read it. There were several matters in which hackers had hacked WhatsApp messages to steal the confidential information.

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