Sesame Enable launched the first hand-free Android smartphone for disabled users



The Israeli company “Sesame Enable “has lunched world’s first hand-free smartphone for disabled users. This phone is for those with disabilities who have stopped working their hands or arms There is no need to use hands to hold or touch this phone .This Android phone works by head-movement.

Users can control the smartphone with their head movement.

This smartphone equipped with Head-Tracking technology with a front facing camera ,which track user’s head movement .By its help ,user can control a cursor on the screen which is actually a “Virtual Finger “ .Because of this Virtual Finger ,users can do their normal activities on their phones without using their hands.

According to the company, it has priced with $1000 which has won a “Verizon Powerful Answers’ Award’ recently.

This phone has developed by a disabled developer named as Giora Livne .He said that, “The Phone itself has provided a new era .I wish that, with its help other disabled users could relate
to today’s world.”

On this phone, disabled users can do those activities which any normal user can do on his /her normal Android phone such as Calling, WhatsApp Messaging, Gaming, Photography etc.

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