Samsung will launch Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 EDGE in India on 23rd March



Samsung India is organizing an event on Monday, in which they will launch their new smartphones -Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 EDGE .Earlier this month, these devices had displayed officially in Mobile World Congress which was held in Barcelona.

According to a source, Though Both Devices will arrive in India on Monday; they will be available for sale after 10th April.

According to Retailers, Pre-Order for these phones will begin from the last week of March .Galaxy S6 and S6 EDGE has been getting positive response .In South Korea, which is Samsung’s home market, there these devices are getting 20 million Pre-Order.

It is said that, Galaxy S6 and S6EDGE will have competition with LG-G Flex 2.

LG-G Flex will be launched at the end of this month for RS. 55,000 in India .While Samsung S6 will be expensive than LG’s smartphone. In  the UK  ,this phone ‘s 32 GB model is available for 700 euros which is closed to RS.47,000 in India .But its price with tax and duties will be RS.55,000 or a little more.

Its EDGE variant will be more expensive .Like Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note EDGE, its premium would be from RS.6, 000 To RS.10, 000 .It is available for 850 euros in the UK for Pre-Order, which is around RS.57, 000 in India.

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