Samsung to launch Samsung Galaxy C9 with 5.7-inch display soon


The South Korean company Samsung  launched  its two smartphones in C series-‘Samsung Galaxy C5’and ‘Samsung  Galaxy C7’ in China in May 2016. Now the buzz is that the company is going to launch the latest flagship in this series soon.

The latest flagship ‘Samsung Galaxy C9’ has already listed on Zouba-India’s export-import website.  According to this listing, there were brought 8 units of this device from China to India on 19th August. The device has listed under the Codename ‘SM-C9000’ on the said website.

Though the listing has not mentioned anything about the device, it is confirmed that the device will come with the 5.7-inch display. Also, such rumors are claiming that this device will have better features than its predecessors.

There is a hope that the latest smartphone will come with the metal design like ‘C5’ and ‘C7’. The listing has announced its price as Rs.17, 107. But the import-export website listing price is just the announcing price, while the price in the smartphone market will be different.

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