Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 EDGE will be available from 10th April in the Indian Market


Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung has launched their  two new smartphones  on Monday to give competition to iphone6 .Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 EDGE will be available in Indian from 10th April.

Samsung  S6 EDGE is an updated version of  Samsung’s  Note EDGE .It has three separate  displays on its separate three sides. So ,along with the Main display , we can use other sides’s displays for calling ,messages or other activities.

It has 5.1 inches Quad HD Super AMOLED with 577pixels .Both of these phones are 14 nanometer size with 64bit mobile processor. These are first phones which are introducing world’s fastest processor.

According to Samsung, Due to its metal body, Samsung S6 EDGE is 50% percent more strong.

Both phones feature wireless charging for 4 hours and they charge in 10 minutes .In both phones, Rear camera is 16MP and Front camera is 5MP .Also, there has a special sensor with these cameras.

Samsung has launched the “Samsung Pay “service in the market .By which, you can fill the bill by phone by just touching shopper’s card to the swipe machine.

These phones will be available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB types in the market.

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