Nokia will be back by launching an Android Smartphone in the market


It was a time when Nokia had ruled over mobile phone industry a decade ago. But when the smartphone era has come thanks to several smartphone makers companies, the idea of a basic mobile gone vanished.  Nokia‘s simple mobile phone saw a downfall in the market. The company had to sell their company to Microsoft. Now Nokia is coming back in the market by launching their first android phone!
[ad id=”6615″] Nokia has signed a contract with Microsoft. Due to this contract, Nokia can’t make this phone, but other smartphone manufacturing companies can use their brand name –Nokia for making that android phone.

Nokia C1 is coming in the android smartphone market. It is said that Nokia C1’s front side will be like as Xiomi smartphone while its back side will look as Motorola G-Series smartphone.

Nokia C1 will have 5inches Color Display. Also, it will have 8MP Rear Camera and 5MP Front Camera, Intel’s chip, 2GB RAM. This smartphone will run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.  It can be first android smartphone which will base on Marshmallow OS.

According to this contract, Nokia can’t sell or make their smartphones till the end of 2016.So; Nokia C1 can’t come next year in the market. But Nokia is searching worldwide partner to selling, making and marketing their smartphones. If The Company finds such partner,

it will be a great possibility that Nokia C1 will come in the market very soon.

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