Blackberry’s first Android Phone Blackberry Priv is open for Pre-Registration!


Blackberry’s first Android Phone Blackberry Priv’s Pre-Registration has begun by Company. For this, the company has launched the “special website”.

According to this website, Blackberry Priv will be available with 5.4 dual-curved display, long lasting 3410 mAh battery, both touch and physical keyboards, Schneider-Kreuznach certified camera along with Extra Ordinary Audio Quality.

Also, the smartphone has introduced a warning system app named as DTEK for the privacy matter. Right now the company has not revealed more about this new feature.

Blackberry Priv has provided with authentic Blackberry Keyboard, Legendary Security, Streamlined Communication and Productivity along with Worldwide Google Play Store apps. According to the company, “It has been engineered with the world’s finest technology and packaged in an ultra-thin, ergonomically perfect device with a keyboard hidden by SmartSlide technology,”

The Company has not revealed anything about the respective smartphone’s launching date.

Other Specifications:

Display:  QHD (1440×2560 pixels) resolution display

Processor: hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor under-the-hood

Memory: 3GB RAM, Inbuilt Storage 32GB the pre-installed software already occupies 10GB,can expand with Micro SD Card Slot

Camera: Rear Camera 18MP

For more information, visit here

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    Not only does the new Blackberry “Priv” Android type phone have a huge microSD slot that can accepet up to a 2 terabyte card, the Priv also has a much better German made camera with 18 mexapixels. The base memory of the Blackberry Priv is 32 MB, before adding a microSD card. The huge 5.4 inch touchscreen can be used or if you prefer a keyboard, with a Trackball, this slider phone has a hidden keyboard, so the choice is yours. The huge battery has a moderate use rating of 22.5 hours, so now iPhones and all other Android phones, are now definetely second rate. With 3 GB of RAM memory, the Priv will also be the fastest, with the highest level of security built into the Blackberry hardware.

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