Viber launches Public Chats in India


Viber ,the mobile communication app brings public chat as new feature in India ,which  provided HD Voice Calls and Free Messaging service  last time

Mark Hardy, chief marketing officer, Viber said:

At the moment we have 460 million users, 33 million users in India


[c5ab_icon c5_helper_title=”” c5_title=”” font_size=”12″ icon=”fa fa-star” link=”” color=”” ] Features in public chat

  • Users will be able to share content from public chats
  • conversations and interact with communities on mobile
  • Live discussions between celebrities and personalities
  • User can invite friends to follow the Public chats
  • Public chats is a social media platform on which the user are engage with  celebrities, personality and brands
  • Users can make community with up to 100 participants on mobile  devices

Currently, the beta version of the app will be launched in India now.

Viber have 460 million unique users  and 608 million registered user.

[c5ab_icon c5_helper_title=”” c5_title=”” font_size=”12″ icon=”fa fa-star” link=”” color=”” ] Other features

  • Free phone and video calls with HD sound quality
  • It has collections of stickers .Users can download, sort .reorder, share stickers for chatting.
  • Users will able to share videos, photos, voice messages, location, emoticons.
  • Viber supports Desktop Application for Windows and Mac
  • It has localized with various languages
  • Free with no advertising

Anubhav Nayyar, country head-India, Viber said

We are launching this with a great line-up of celebrities, personalities, brands, influencers all over India

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