Twitter’s Periscope app is available for Android Users



After Launching their live streaming video app “Periscope “on iOS, Twitter are offering this app to android users.

Though the android app is same as the iOS app, this app has made android-specific with just a few changes.  It is said that the company is competing with its rival company Meerkat by launching its app on Android.

The main difference between both (iOS and Android ) apps  is its broadcasting method. iOS users  can broadcast a video by using the central tab ,While android users can do same thing by using floating button which has placed  on the right side and at the bottom.

The other android-specific features in this app are as following:

  • If Android users follow or share their video broadcast first time, they can control on pushnotifications. These notifications controls will affect to all followers and cannot be tuned to individual followers.
  •  Replay: Users can save replay for the uploaded file without broadcasting it. It can view by other followers.


The Periscope  team  has cleared about  delayed launching of the  android app in their blog post. They said that ,”Our Initial launch as a small startup was only limited to iOS. But we really work hard to stay on  in order to give a specific experience on Android. Now it is a clear Periscope.

You can download the periscope app from Google play store. It can run on Android 4. 4 Kitkat and later versions. It weighs 8.1MB.

Remember ,Periscope’s rival company Meerkat  App has launched on iOS first and then it reached on Android  in April 2015. Earlier this month ,the public beta version of this app was launched on Android and was updated  to version 1.0 as well.


To download this app, visit here

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