Top Five Travel Apps (Free) -Part 2


1. Hipmunk Hotels & Flights

Hipmunk Hotels & FlightsHipmunk is the fastest and easy app for hotel and flights booking. This app  shows important factors regarding flights such as flight duration ,number of layovers and price. To see airfare changes ,you can access  “fare alerts “ from this app .Its  unique layout will help you  find flights with Wi-Fi.

You can book hotels directly from this app. You can compare and book hotels, Airbnb Rentals, hostels and HomeAway Rentals via various top traveling sites here .If you have any doubt about any hotel, you can read TripAdviser Reviews and Star Ratings.

Hipmunk’s  Hotel heat maps will help you  find best staying areas  which is based on your interests such as shopping ,Food ,Nightlife etc. .

You can check hotel’s  Wi-Fi ,Parking and Resort fees by Verified by Hipmunk. Here, you can save 60% off hotels with New Tonight Deals.

Hipmunk Hotels & FlightsDownload Hipmunk Hotels & Flights

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