Top Five Android Travel Apps (Free)


Hello, Friends! It is a holiday season, so you are planning to travel somewhere in India/Outside India. But if it is your first time of travelling, and you don’t know about travel planning anything!

Don’t worry, here are five apps which will help you not only to plan your trip  well, but also will make your journey safe and memorable.

1. Travel Buddy

Travel Buddy

Travel Buddy will give you all information about any location in the world. it gives general facts about any country such weather, capital, area, population, currency, flag etc.

Also, it informs you about the latest news and happenings about that country .It shows the weather forecast of the related country for the next week. So, You will keep aware about your travel destination for anything via this app. It helps to find restaurants, bars and hotels nearby your location as well .You can take the picture of your travel destination with its current temperature and share them on Facebook with your friends.

Travel BuddyDownload Travel Buddy

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