Now, Stay connected with the High-Speed Internet without spending bucks on data charges


Nowadays, The Smartphone become an easy accessible widget for Internet Surfing. But we have to access internet via smartphone by these four platforms -3G, Wi-Fi, 4G and Data Card.

Can you imagine, if you get Internet data without having any connection or spending data charges?

Yes, it is possible now, just install the Be-Bound app on your android phone and enjoy the free internet anywhere anytime!


  •  If you are using Be-Bound app, there is no need to have any connection for internet surfing such as Data Card, 3G, and Wi-Fi etc.
  • This app is not only useful for those users who are travelers but also useful for those users who want to access their mail, Facebook and Twitter accounts anywhere.
  • You can synchronize your e-mail accounts and favorite webpages in this app.
  • Can access inbuilt apps here such as GPS Navigation ,Translator ,Real Time Stock  Exchange  ,Currency Convertor ,Flight tracker and so on .This is a useful app for travelers.
  • Get access of multiple Be-Bound services such as BE-FRIENDS, BE-WEATHER, BE-EMAIL, BE-SOS etc.
  •  This app makes for those people who always required email-access.

How does it work?

This app allows you to access internet without spending on data and roaming charges via a  text message.

This app uses this text message as the transport layer. This transport layer sends a webpage to user’s smartphone. With this app’s help, webpage or internet surfing via a text message request is routed to the app’s server. By sending Text message for internet surfing, you can access internet at those places where the net connectivity remains unavailable.

On this app ,you can log on all accounts that are synchronized.
How does it cost?
Each time you use the internet ,you have to pay the text message charge.

However ,you will get chance to buy Be-Bound App Credits at very low prices. So this app is affordable than an ordinary net pack .If you use this app for the international roaming ,it will charge you  for the international message.


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