Now Android users can download Microsoft apps from the Microsoft App Store from their phone!


Microsoft has brought good news for android users! They have launched   their own app store on the Google Play Store. This store will be in the form of an app by which users can download android apps very easily.

The company has launched the app store by which android users can download and access any android app from the Redmond-Based Tech Giant as hassle-free. The store is in the form of an app and android users can download any app.The apps are Android- Compatible. Some Microsoft app will be available on this app store such as Skype, Office suite, Wunderlist, Sunrise-the calendar app etc.

Microsoft wants their app on every user’s screen so that Windows will become more popular through the entire world. Also, they can’t establish their place in the mobile world, unlike the PC World. That’s why they have decided to launch their own app store on the Google play store.

The store is launching more 80 apps of various categories such as entertainment, sports, news, productivity, communication, finance etc.

Microsoft will get access to other small familiar app related to Microsoft apps on the store. What’s more, Android users can see that which apps they had previously installed and can find new apps on the store to download in their smartphones. To download Microsoft apps, android users don’t need to have Windows 10 Mobile OS System.

To download the app, visit here:

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