No need send your message to your friend, she/he will read it automatically!



Gone are those days ,When You were  waiting for yours friend’s message while he/she was typing .

Now Also Your Friend will  forget that He/ She  had to wait for your reply ,while you are still in typing mood .

You will think ,is it possible ?The answer is Beam Messenger
Yes, Beam Messenger is the first real time conversation app which is developed by Propulsion Lab  (Toronto)

How does it work?

In this messenger ,When You will start typing ,That message will display on your friend ‘s screen .

Main  commands  you will miss in this app like as  Type ,Send ,Deliver  .

Instead of those commands ,You can  face only sending and delivered  as Typing  in the messenger .

That means Your typing will send message ,also will receive message automatically .

So there  is no need  for those commands (type ,send ,deliver ) You can see opposite person’s message while he will type . It’s Amazing!

But Be careful, You can’t delete or erase your message here .Though you will try it, Your friend will know

that what are you typing! So, there hasn’t that option in which you can delete your message before

reading It by the opposite person .Understood?

This app is free to download for android users. If you and the opposite person would use android device,

you can communicate to him /her via this messenger.


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