Instagram has started “Quick Edit Feature “for Android Users.



The popular Image sharing social media site Instagram has started a new “Quick Edit Feature “for the android app.  Quick Edit feature‘s new filter screen has been spotted in the new version 7.3.0, which is not available on the Google Play Store yet.

In the previous Instagram app, users had to click on the image and later choose filters before moving to final post screen.  But now, on this new update users can go on a page after clicking on the image, where they can adjust filters with swiping across the screen.

For more editing tools on this new version, users can tap on the edit button which has placed on the bottom left of the image .Also, there is a tag button placed on the image.

The New Screen Page shows nearby locations to select them. But this feature will work only when the GPS is on the device to determine the current location.

According to, this update can start via server-side update.

The Google Play Store India has updated  Instagram’s version on 20th July to Version  7.2.4 .It seems that  they will update the new version of it (7.3.0 ) in the coming days . Till then you can download

this new version here: Dwonload

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