Get crazy behind this Pokémon!


Currently, everybody in the world is running behind this quirky animated character Pokémon. People are getting crazy over this latest game titled as “Pokémon GO! “

The game has been becoming popular among smartphone users in countries like America, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Users are downloading this game either by installing apk file or using fake user ids on the app store. This game is becoming the latest addiction among its users.

What is “Pokémon GO?”

The game is developed by Niantic, Inc. The amazing thing about this company is that this company was going to close due to the loss. But because of this game, the company’s share has increased within 12 days by 53% (95,000)! For playing this game, you have to open your phone’s camera and GPS. The app will notify you about the exact place of Pokémon. After that notification, you have to catch those Pokémon by going that place.

You will see Pokémon either in the garden or in your home. Just catch them by throwing poke balls at them. The game uses the augmented reality. It shows your exact place in graphic format with the help of your smartphone’s camera. You can download this game for 2GB RAM android devices along with 4.4-6.0 versions.

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How to play this game?

1. After downloading apk, start the game and log-in on your Google’s account

2. Create your own avatar and start discovering and catching Pokémon.

3. The game has included 151 Pokémon

4. If the Pokémon will be nearby your place, the app will notify you about it. Then there will flush a

Poke Ball on the screen. Go to that place, catch that Pokémon displayed on your screen by

throwing the Poke Ball at it.

5. You will get a point for each Pokémon and will get the chance to go to the next level.

6. In this game, you can see various colors’ towers on the map, they are Pokémon Gyms. Also, you

will see blue points which are called as PokeStops.

7. You will get Pokémon of different kinds in this game if you walk more.


Some users have been robbed or injured while playing this game because they had been completely lost finding Pokémon. Even this game has caused deaths of some users due to accidents. So, be cautious while playing Pokémon GO!

To download this game, go here

So, Download this game and catch the Pokémon, It can be nearby your home!

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