Best Top Five Language Learning apps


1. Learn Hindi Quickly. (Free /Premium)

Learn Hindi Quickly Free

It is a very useful app for beginners who want to learn Hindi .It is easy to navigate .Here; you will get each English word translated to Hindi.

– Translation of words/phrases for 13 categories
– You can get translation in audio format too
– Translation provides separately by male and female for each phrase
– You can search any word easily here
– You can learn Hindi easily and without any disturbance of ads here
– It works offline too
– You will learn new word /phrase periodically

Learn Hindi Quickly Free

Get this app here quickly:

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2. Learn 50 Languages (Free /Premium)

Learn 50 languagesYou can learn 50 languages here .This app provides 30 lessons free for various foreign languages. You can start your learning by short sentences here. It allows you to learn vocabulary by use your native language. You can learn here not only in text format but also in audio format.

It teaches you that how to use any languages in a different situation whether you are in a restaurant or in a foreign country. Now your foreign tour will become easy with this app as it contain more over 40 languages and 1600 language combinations such as English to Chinese, English to Spanish, English to Japanese etc.

Learn 50 languages

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3. Learn Language: Rosetta Stone (Free/Premium)

Learn Languages– It contains 23  foreign languages along with  Hindi
– You can learn anywhere ,anytime
– Rosetta Stone is a proven method for learning Languages .Rosetta Stone is a 2014 Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award winner, also it won other notable awards such as  2014 Tabby
Awards and Users’ Choice Pick
– You can learn any language with its new vocabulary and grammar
– It teaches  that how to use a language in different situations
– Learn conversation skills in 24 languages
– It works as a personal tutor
– Speech-Recognition Technology
– Automatic Syncing
– Interesting User Interface ,easy to learn any language
– Learn first lesson for free for any language

Learn Languages

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4. Babble –Learn Languages (Free/Premium)

Babbel – Learn Languages – 13 foreign languages
– Interactive learning –listen, write and speak
– Speech-Recognition Technology
– Automatic Syncing
– Grammar Exercises
– Vocabulary for various topics
– Review Manager for remember new vocabulary
– Effective for beginners and advance learners
– Learn the first lesson for free

Babbel – Learn Languages

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5 .Learn Japanese –JP Translator (Free/Premium)

Learn Japanese - JP TranslatorIt contains more than 8000 Japanese phrases and vocabularies .it has interactive learning experience by listening and speaking features .it is effective app for beginners as well as travelers. You can learn Japanese anywhere, anytime.

You can learn “Basic “and “Travel “categories by using premium features.

Learn Japanese - JP Translator

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