Now, Use MS-Office on Android Phones Free!


MS-Office on Android Phones FreeMicrosoft has decided to integrate their popular applications –Microsoft Word ,Excel and PowerPoint  for Android Tablet users  for free from last Thursday .Microsoft want to use their applications by the large number of smartphone users. It is not enough; Company’s Outlook Email Application will be available on Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

Due to increasing competition between Apple and Google, Satya Nadela, CEO of Microsoft has taken this decision. Also; they want to attract those smartphone users who are using Android and iOS for their devices.

Users had to spend money to get access of those Microsoft applications for their phones since many years. But now , Company  is providing  free versions of these apps from the last year .These apps are User-friendly and Touch friendly .That is why ,Microsoft Office is available for Apple’s iPad as well.

Same versions have provided from the company for Windows phones.Hence ,they decided to offer these applications for Android and iOS versions as well.Even ,Company are thinking about integrating Office 365 for those versions.

Since Three Months ,Microsoft ‘s Office   apps  are available free for android users .Users can download this app from Google Play Store for free. Microsoft’s Large selling softwares-Word ,Excel and PowerPoint  are available for free here.These applications have been downloaded from the large number of apple users.

Last year ,almost 8 crore users had downloaded office applications on their apple devices.

For More Information, Download from Play Store:

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel


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