Now, “ Apple Music App ” is available for Android Users!


The “ Apple Music App ” is available for Android now; Android users can download it from the

playstore. Though it is a free app, users have to pay the monthly subscription for it. Currently, the app is available only in the Beta version for android users.

The personal Monthly subscription is RS.120.00 while there is RS.109.00 for Family membership.

This is a first app for android users from Apple Inc. Before this app, the company had developed an android app which had not better features.

If Users have another device and their music library is in the cloud, they can access it from Android.

This app works like a native android app on the android device. So it will give a feel like a normal android app. Also, the Menu looks likes Android in this app.

Due to the beta version, there won’t be such Apple Music features in the app like as it will not allow the family subscription. Also, it doesn’t support Music Videos now.
[ad id=”6615″] Other features:

1. 30millions songs from the Apple Music Catalog

2. 3-month free trial

3. Recommendations from music experts

4. Latest Music

5. Radio

6. Playlist

7. My Music: Users can find of their iTunes Purchases and saved music from Apple Music in one place

(Availability and features may vary by country)

Upcoming features for the beta version:

– Music Videos

– Sign-ups and upgrades for Family membership

– Sign-up Process optimization for Android

Install the app here and enjoy your favorite songs:

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